Focused on the thrill

Like every other agency out there, JOLT is in the service business. To help us carve out an ownable (and memorable!) space, we seek to thrill the heck out of our clients. Our current clients—the ones who love us—choose to get “JOLTed” not because they need to, but because they want to. They choose JOLT because of who we are as much as what we do for them. And so who are you, you ask?

First and foremost, you won’t find anyone going through the motions at JOLT. Every member of the team brings a fierce level of commitment to the table, for projects large or small. We dot every ‘i’ (well, not the capital ones) and cross every ‘t.’ Our bar is set to another level, based on our go-the-extra-mile mentality.  We care about our customers as people—not just as a means to an end. We care about each project—not only as a revenue source, but for how it reflects on our agency and our industry.  And this is how we’ve set the stage for amazing things ahead of us.

We want to make the world a better place

We use our smarts to solve problems. At JOLT, we rock at finding client blind spots and shining a light on potential opportunities. We listen, we learn, we share, and we innovate wherever we can. Because that’s what a good client partner should do. We give our brains a workout every day, asking the what-if questions that lead to dazzling insights, and, occasionally, puzzled looks…  We’re always willing to push the envelope and break new ground on behalf of our clients.

That is why we stay focused on the thrill. We’re not looking for a “Thanks. Good job.” from our clients. We want a “WOW!”  — that eye-popping, catch-your-breath sort of wow that makes you want to say “That’s cool!” even though saying “cool” isn’t cool any more, and you’re cool enough to realize that. (OK, this is getting complicated).  And we’ll hustle and innovate and solve problems until that “Wow!” just wells up inside you and you can’t help sharing it with JOLT.

More than just a team of people

Bottom-line, we are passionate and authentic. We don’t put on a ‘game face’ to come to work. We don’t pretend to be fun, energetic and passionate. It’s part of our DNA. That’s why setting the bar at the level of thrilling clients doesn’t seem daunting to anyone. Because we care that much. All this takes energy. It takes commitment. And a sense of humor doesn’t hurt. Yet by the end of the day, we hold our heads high and are proud of how often we JOLT others. And, hopefully, be proud to say we work here at JOLT.

Science in our DNA

We’re high–tech and high–touch . . .

with equal emphasis on science and on the human connection. We enjoy enduring relationships with our clients, leveraging our broad and deep expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

We’re futurists.

We identify the problems you need solved even before you do, guide you to the best answers before you ask, and help bring your vision into focus, with our unique suite of innovative tools and approaches.

We’re force multipliers and pain relievers.

We amplify your strengths, to maximize your potential exponentially, and do the heavy lifting so you can focus elsewhere.

We’re matchmakers.

Science and KOL management are in our DNA: For years, we’ve been identifying and bringing clients together with the thought leaders who help shape pharmaceutical strategies, and enhance and extend their message.

We aren’t box checkers.

You won’t find anyone at JOLT going through the motions. Other agencies claim to get the job done right, but our bar is set to another level, based on our go–the–extra–mile mentality.

JOLT is the only company . . .

that’s there for you the whole way: end to end, at every stage of your product’s lifecycle. No matter what milestone you’re facing (business-critical regulatory, brand or corporate) , we’re ready to give you the extra “jolt” you need to power toward your goals.

Karim Benjelloun

Founder and Managing Director

Born this way 

“JOLT is a trusted, flexible and creative partner adept at architecting, structuring and combining science, strategy and digital solutions that deliver on our promise. As a former business strategy consultant, I learned early on to value the power of a good team and the importance of diversity in perspectives; I’ve dedicated the last 26 years to working with more than 120 companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

I believe all clients deserve a partner agency that can anchor activities and solutions in a clear strategic framework, whether scientific or commercial, and who can truly relate to their business needs, provide thoughtful counsel at a strategic level and execute flawlessly. This translates into highly sustainable, high-value client relationships, and is why I’ve surrounded myself with special individuals who get this and who help us raise the bar by joining our team. 

Today, we continue to prompt and enhance meaningful conversations and connections, unburden the teams we work with, and support their commitment to driving clinical breakthroughs that transform patient care — all in a culture that thrives on thrilling clients and enjoying what we do together and in support of one another.”

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