Elevate the scientific conversation by tailoring educational strategy and tactics to drive awareness, understanding and powerfully informed clinical practice

Do your communications clearly stand out in the minds of your audience? The most effective communication channel – whether an onsite advisory board, virtual preceptorship, educational symposium, 1:1 meeting or other forum – can become an obstructed and ineffective conduit if the scientific dialogue lacks consistency, scientific rigor, clinical relevance and regulatory viability.  JOLT’s depth of scientific expertise ensures all your messaging and educational initiatives adhere to the highest standards of medical excellence, regulatory scrutiny and clinical applicability.

Our Solutions

    • Craft compelling scientific messaging to resolve complexity, educate, inform, inspire and resonate with key audiences
    • Develop scientifically rigorous content to drive advisory boards, preceptorships, symposia, peer-to-peer engagements and consultant meetings
    • Provide insightful material to support congress activities, including clinical and competitive intelligence analysis
    • Create scientific visualization and mechanism of action modules to advance practitioner knowledge and decision-making
      • Development of scientific platform, tactical roll-out plan and execution, including enduring material and core slide decks
      • Design of disease state education and awareness strategies and content
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