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We adopt a holistic approach to KOL management while maximizing organizational alignment.

Just like your clinical asset has a lifecycle, so does the partnership that is built with a KOL. From first contact, there is an opportunity to set the stage for a highly productive and mutually beneficial relationship anchored in driving clinical research, pursuing scientific understanding, democratizing disease understanding, and optimizing treatment practices and patient management. JOLT thrives on working with our clients to architect and support the foundations for a strong KOL engagement process and experience by focusing on these interdependent key levers in KOL Management:

High Tech, High Touch, High Science

JOLT’s high-tech, high-touch, high-science approach—rooted in end-to-end engagement with respected and influential physicians, clinicians, researchers and faculty—helps you maximize the full potential of your product lifecycle.

KOL Identification: High-tech approach for your high-touch needs

Since 2011 we have been assiduously working on improving the quality of the information and insights required to optimally identify, profile and segment KOLs.  Thanks to the recent advances in artificial intelligence we can power up any of your complex (or simple!) KOL identification needs.

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KOL Engagement: Better engagements with less frustration

As the external landscape becomes more complex, more competitive and more demanding of true clinical value, we have refined the breadth and impact of the KOL-driven tactics. Each initiative we take on is meticulously designed to support your strategic imperatives and deliver high intelligence, not high maintenance.

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Strategy and Alignment: Achieving a true “one voice” customer experience

The success of an advisory board or educational tactic is not enough in itself. JOLT excels at teasing out and fixing collaboration bottlenecks and breakdowns in information sharing to help your teams and colleagues deliver consistency and continuity across all KOL engagement touchpoints.

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