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Are you frustrated with one-off tactics that fail to leverage the full potential of your vision? Our team is here to help ignite meaningful dialogue and foster true connections with medical experts to propel your clinical asset, brand or franchise objectives.  We are fluent in the strategic and tactical skills that will fuel your success and promote mutually respectful and beneficial partnerships with KOLs.

Even before our world was changed by the COVID pandemic, we have been successfully delivering on live, virtual and hybrid solutions to meet our client’s needs. We can implement any variation on congress interactions, ad boards, preceptorships and other tactics that are essential to driving your business needs: we are eager to architect, plan and execute the right set of engagement initiatives to address your specific scientific and business objectives.

We work with our clients to first establish the right structure, format and mix based on the specifics of their needs. We ask the right questions (and sometimes the hard ones too!) and then determine how to best implement a streamlined and compliant process to alleviate the burden on our clients. Flawless execution is followed by an assessment of the impact of the initiative and mapping next steps.

Our Solutions

Design and deliver effective KOL-driven advisory, educational and launch activities that meet specific needs across your organization with our range of flexible, tailored virtual, live and hybrid sessions

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Advance critical 1:1 discussions during key scientific congresses and events, onsite and virtual, powered by JOLT 360™: an all-in-one engagement platform for planning, executing, and experiencing memorable in-person or virtual events

Plan and sequence onsite or virtual structured explorations and discussions – rooted in high science and real-world challenges –with relevant thought leaders to advance, validate and refine team thinking and strategies

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Carefully structured sessions designed to ensure the seamless progression and integrity of clinical trials, along with continuous and timely trial-related communications, showcasing client imperatives and objectives, and addressing investigator questions and needs 

Create dynamic, immersive learning experiences, onsite or virtual, including:

  • VDL™: A highly structured, multidisciplinary, patient-centric Virtual Discussion and Learning platform for practical, case-based learning and treatment strategy dialogue
  • Virtual Preceptorships: Customizable interactive learning forums to drive understanding of the clinical, diagnostic and treatment landscape and explore unmet needs
  • Virtual and Mock-Live Symposia: High-impact, high-production educational events to power awareness, understanding and discussion for large audiences
Develop content-rich, high-science educational materials aligned with learning preferences to anchor your engagements and drive brand objectives

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